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Now Trending: Controversialism


There is a new trend, a new ”hot” thing among young Slavics. I even made a new word for it: “controversialism” or a love to pick up controversial topics.

I understand that sometimes we have to discuss some controversy in order to be able to move on. And there are instances when it is necessary and should not be avoided. But watch out for your reasons. The word controversy comes from the Latin word controversia, which means turned in an opposite direction. Any thing that we say or do publicly is stirring people to a certain direction. So, what is our goal? Just be honest. It is so easy to get caught up in the desire to draw attention to ourselves, to feed our ego, to promote ourselves, or the want to impose our view.

 When Controversy is necessary

It is necessary to question the status quo and thus bring controversy when doctrines are taught in a way that leads away from Jesus or His salvation thought grace. Disagreement with: false doctrine, satanic influences, compromise and worldliness isn’t just acceptable, but commanded in the Bible.

The second, instance would be when the current conditions are abusive or not fair to unprivileged groups: kids, people without means, elderly, etc.

And the last reason is when the current state is a stall, not effective or heading in the wrong way.

 When Controversy is Distractive

There are bunch of topics that are not that vital or central in the Bible, but their discussion is leading to disagreements, divisions, and most importantly slowing us down and pointing us away from preaching the Gospel and coming closer to Jesus. It doesn’t really matter if the topic is about head coverings, strictly singing old hymns , worship style, prosperity or if its more about modern topics like promoting the idea of “freedom” in drinking alcohol, having tattoos, or preaching predestination more than preaching Jesus. Some years ago, I told a big proponent for head coverings: “I respect your view and your passion, but I am really sad that your energy and time is put to promote something that is not essential, and noting is left to promote Jesus” I feel the same way today about hundreds of young men who are promoting completely different things from that guy, but are still falling into the same trap: wasting their energy and time on secondary issues and not preaching the Gospel.

It is not about if you or I are more right than that “other guy”, but about what the result of our “preaching” is.

Do you want to test yourself? Check how much times, how many posts and blogs you have discussing topics that are not leading to Christ.

The lyrics from the song “Words” by Hawk Nelson are stuck in my head: “Let my words be life, let my words be truth. I don’t wanna say a word, unless it points the world back to You”

When Apostle Paul, was addressing a similar issue, he said that the goal of his teaching was love, good conscience and a sincere faith. But others not having this goal have been turned aside to fruitless discussion. 1 Timothy 1:3-7


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