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Effective Message

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What Makes a Message Effective? 3 things that make a message effective. Life changing, Memorable and Interesting

Life changing effect

First thing has to do with the definition of effectiveness. I believe that an effective message is one that changes lives. After all we speak or write not to waste our time, but to change minds, perception, lift up, or steer our listeners and readers to certain direction. A life-changing message is the revelation that first changed us, our mind, priorities, our lifestyle, and us. It is something very personal that we have lived through. So, let’s remember what our goal is: change.


In order for a message to work in our lives it has to stick with us. Not just some “cool features” of the message, but the main point and application. Listeners usually have an easier time remembering stories, visuals and jokes. If listeners remember only the “cool things” and not the main point, than we just distracted them with it.


Any message consists of two parts: Substance and Mode (vehicle)

There has been a lot said about how to deliver an effective message: to use 5 senses, jokes, emotions, body language, etc.

However, I am finding that things like structure, defining message’s goal and knowing your audience, can be even more important.

Few more things I want to add to the list of how to make it interesting.

             Advanced yet graspable. We shouldn’t treat any of our listeners, even if they are kids, as mentally incapable. People want to advance, to grow. So, a teacher’s job is to make a complex idea, not necessary simple, but understandable. For instance, Jesus was speaking about complex things like Kingdom of God in a way that listeners were able to connect and make sense of. The common rule: from known to unknown, from concrete to abstract. Abstract and unknown has to be explained through everyday examples.

            Applicable/ relevant. It doesn’t mean that our topics always have to be something that people are looking to hear or listen. But if we believe that they are important to share, we have to make it applicable to their daily lives. For example, people during Jesus’ time were looking to be healed, be fed and gain political freedom from Rome, and not to hear about the Kingdom of God. But Jesus was able to teach in a way that listeners were able to remember, comprehend and get changed.

Let’s strive that for our messages to be life changing, so make it memorable and interesting.


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