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Perfect Volunteer?!

Perfect Volunteer?!

There is no perfect volunteer as there is no perfect children’s pastor. Volunteers are great, yet they are all unique. Let’s discuss how you work with each type of volunteer.

The sky is falling

This volunteer cares about ministry, but really freaks out when little things don’t go as planned. If that volunteer is in a class of 15 kids with 4 other volunteers and one of the volunteers doesn’t show up, the next day the entire church will learn that all the volunteers had quit.


They always want to do more. Some of them over estimate of how much they can pull off, yet others are able and will do more.

 No help volunteer

They are usually there, but not always, often late, and have no idea what to do; even their tasks have to be explained several times.

The skipping church

They can do a great job or not so great, but the reason why they are there is because they don’t want to be at church. And as much you want to have them, you worry about their well being in the long run.


Their motto is “show up, do as told & leave” They do their minimum requirements, but don’t want to come to any volunteer events, be creative or just try to be better.

My way or highway

More often than not, they are good volunteers who often have good reasons why it must to be done in their way. But the problem is, they would rather quit than to give up their methods.

 Never say “no”

They are different from “superman” volunteer. They won’t ask you to do more. But they almost never say “no” when they see a need.

Please add to this list and share how you work with each type.


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