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How to Make Them Come

securedownloadHave you ever been disappointed, discouraged and even annoyed by volunteers’ or parents’ response to an organized event, meeting, or an attempt to communicate; or better to say, a lack of it? The fix is not that hard.

 First of all, don’t take it personally. People are not responding, not because they have something against you, but because a ton of other reasons. We live busy lives and are bombarded with many ads and messages. It has been estimated that typical American is exposed to an avarage of 1,500 to 2,000 commercials. Being a parent helped me to understand parents, and volunteers. They have many important dates, meetings, events, etc.  It is really easy to forget, miss or not hear or see the announcement.

So, I follow the “minimum 3 messages rule”. Three messages are not only different in purpose, but they vary on personal vs. general scale.


Announcement is a general message in its nature. It could be a Facebook post, ad in church’s bulletin, a letter to the parents, on slide show announcements. This message rarely brings expected results. But it needs to go first, so we can build on it.


Explanation could be general too. And we can use the same media as above, yet I find it more beneficial if it is personal. So, a call, or an in person short conversation is the best, but personal e-mail, or personal Facebook message can be used too.

At this stage the person is deciding wherever to come, commit to, help, etc. or not. It takes more time, but it is more effective. I don’t have the hard numbers, but my impression is that it gives at least a 40% positive outcome, when announcement gives a single digit percentage respond.


Even if the person has decided to respond, it doesn’t mean that he/she cannot forget.

A reminder can be used as a general media again, and often even the same as during announcements. But the substance should be different. I like to use some justifications to send a reminder, so it wouldn’t even look like a reminder. So, instead of saying “I want to make sure you didn’t forget”, it is better to gives some extra details, last minute updates, etc.

Keep it positive through out all three messages and give practical reasons why they should come.

Oh, yes. Don’t forget to mention about food 🙂


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