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Evolution Parody

PicsArt_1390347486178I am an extremely fortunate guy. Did I win the jackpot? No. But things that happened had a slighter chance of happening then one winning the jackpot.The odds of winning the jackpot are only 1 in 258,890,850.00, but the odds of the happenings of the things that are much greater. I mean, incomparably greater.

I live in the house that I didn’t build, and actually nobody did. It just happened to be. I know, I know the chances of this are slim. There had been other houses that either never fully started or never finished. Also there are a lot of houses that you cannot live in. How much is “a lot”? Some people calculated 1:10 139. But you see if you have billions and billions years anything is possible.

But that is not all. In my house very amazing things have happened even before I came to live there. First, small organisms settled there, then some of them evolved and now I have a dog and a cat living in my house. I hope they are not going to become… something else, because I love them. I know for this to happen, chances are not that great. Some are saying 1:10 40,000, others are coming up with different numbers, but I have to say, still huge.

My house is not empty. I have things; some of those things are really cool. Lets take a computer, a really useful and smart thing. But it also, just happened to be. Even the software program (it is like my code, also is know as DNA) was written by itself. There have been others computers, even in my house, and other houses, who failed to have software developed by random chance. What are the odds of it? I don’t really know, some smart people are saying 1:10 40,000. Others who think, that the first ones are wrong and stupid, saying you have to drop few digits. All I know, it is still big. My teacher told me that the whole universe had only 10113 atoms, or even less. So, I guess chances were really slim.

So, things that have happened, kind off cannot happen, but it did, and by itself. So, I am kind of lucky. Why kind of? Well, I don’t know why it happened, why I am here, and why me. But I am trying not to think about it. You know, it is just random thing. I happened to be, and tomorrow I will disappear, as I never even was here.

I know what some of you might say. “There is someone who is behind of all of it, who designed and built it.” But don’t buy it. I am just extremely fortunate, all those things that are beyond calculation happened to me, for no reason.



2 comments on “Evolution Parody

  1. Jordan
    January 22, 2014

    The tactics of those who wish to deny biological processes and the supporting evidence get more ridiculous and nonsensical by the minute. Use of “by chance”, “just happened” or “by accident” is just word salad to get the reader to ignore the issues. Those who actually take the time to research and understand biology know that nothing was left to chance. It’s just another reason (of many) as to why a person cannot be a creationist and be honest at the same time, it doesn ‘t work. Denying the evidence of God’s attributal mechanisms and the evidence he left for all to see, tarnishes the glory of his creation and only leads people away from his grace.

    • muzychuk5
      January 22, 2014

      Jordan, base on you post I cannot clearly understand your position. Are you evolutionary theist? If you are, than you would acknowledge that behind all of those processes is God. I personally believe that God created everything, but this post shouldn’t stir those who believe that God was the designer and the creator of the processes in evolution. Because it would still point to the “Guy behind it”, which protagonist in my parody deny that exist.

      As reference probabilities of earth like planet, of life and DNA code were used. Referenced probabilities are not hard scientific numbers, since there is a debate which of them is more accurate. And I think I was trying to acknowledge it. Yet, even those odds that have been offered by atheistic evolutionists are still huge. Some of them are avoiding this topic saying something like: “you just don’t understand how biological processes are so complex, or slipping into debates about billion years, etc.” This post has been posted to Facebook groups dominated by atheists; I have quite few offensive comments. But when I asked to make arguments, nobody did.

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